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Earn more, produce less: The advantage of the made to order production model for fashion brands

Discover why putting the fashion consumer at the center of the production process improves the bottom line.

Why made to order is beneficial to fashion brands

  1. Build market resilience by enabling them to become more agile and responsive to meet consumer demand and quality requirements.
  2. Go to market faster by cutting out patterns for different products using the same markers and fabric roll and switching between creating personalized and standard products within the same production flow to scale and adapt as needed without causing any disruption.
  3. Expand product offer and meet production requirements to cut an increasingly greater variety of fabric types
  4. Generate environmental and social value by gaining direct insight into how the supply chain operates to make smarter decisions that benefit the environment and the bottom line

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Improve resource efficiency and cost savings

Fashion companies that produce products only after receiving an order reduces its environmental impact and operational costs. By integrating consumer demand data and production metrics, fashion companies gain significant improvements in material efficiency. This in turn reduces energy use, water consumption and eliminates the economic risks common to over production practices such as stockouts and textile waste. The result is a decrease in material throughput and production costs while maintaining or improving product consistency and quality standards.


How to achieve success with made to order

Made to order is an easy and, in many cases, simple production strategy to implement when using digital solutions. Fashion companies that take advantage of digital technology to optimize their processes with performance data and SMART KPIs avoid disruptions to their existing workflows—from order reception to the final cutting stages—and reduce the amount of effort needed to upskill employees. The right digital and automation technology enables fashion companies to increase operational agility, speed to market and realize cost savings without complicating existing production processes.


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