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Lectra solutions opens up a new world of possibilities for Seralfred Taglio

Discover how Seralfred Taglio’s strategic investments in Lectra solutions paved the way for new business prospects.

Embracing change: Seralfred Taglio’s move from manual to automated cutting

Seralfred Taglio has been providing cutting services to its customers since 1995.

For years, the small, family-run company cut orders manually. However, changing market conditions and customer needs compelled Seralfred Taglio to change as well. Requirements for more precise cutting, higher quality and faster turnaround times meant that manual processes were no longer viable


Investing strategically in cutting-edge solutions

The company chose to invest in multiple Vector fabric-cutting solutions from Lectra.

Pleased with the results they gained, Seralfred Taglio then chose to invest in the Fashion On Demand by Lectra solution.

As a supplier of fabric cutting services, one of the company’s biggest challenges is managing the variety of constraints and characteristics associated with each fabric. Fashion On Demand by Lectra enables Seralfred Taglio to store fabric-handling requirements in a digital library and automatically apply the handling rules to cutting jobs.


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Gaining new business opportunities with Lectra solutions

Lectra’s automated cutting solutions have helped Seralfred Taglio

  • streamline processes
  • increase versatility
  • and boost efficiency.

The company can now meet shorter customer deadlines with a faster cutting process, from material delivery to the finished product. They are able to produce in six months what they used to produce in a year.

The increased speed and productivity has opened up a world of new business opportunities that would not have been possible with manual processes.

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