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Sustainable luxury manufacturer IPS increases its production volume fivefold with on demand production technology

Success story: International Promo Studio (IPS) offers eco-friendly “Made in Italy” luxury with Fashion On Demand by Lectra.


Can luxury coexist with environmental sustainability? IPS proves that it’s possible

IPS (International Promo Studio) is one of the most prominent luxury manufacturers in the world, catering to an impressive list of high-end customers. With the fall of the traditional fashion calendar, the manufacturer faced a new challenge of having to increase their production speed to jump on in-season trends. The company also needed to do so while maintaining its level of quality, protecting its Italian savoir-faire, and honoring its commitment to sustainability. In such a competitive landscape like fashion, is the co-existence of technology, sustainability and luxury possible? IPS sought Lectra’s help, and in turn, the company proposed Fashion On Demand by Lectra.

A fivefold increase in overall production volume thanks to on demand production technology

Thanks to Fashion On Demand by Lectra, IPS has succeeded in fully transitioning to automated cutting, and increasing its production volume fivefold, while keeping their creative DNA alive. Their cutting process is now more environmentally sustainable, as they are no longer using plastic and paper consumables, and planning the most cost-efficient layouts beforehand for their pattern pieces.  The company has also improved its level of cutting quality, with an ability to cut an unlimited variety of complex and delicate fabrics.

We finally found a technological partner that can help us protect our savoir-faire and preserve our creativity, while improving productivity, environmental sustainability and increasing speed to market.

Mirco Osellame

Chief Executive Officer of IPS

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