How to build a compelling business case for PLM

Win buy-in from executive decision-makers by creating a  business case for product lifecycle management (PLM)

Business Case Plm

A business case is the most important way of influencing executive decision makers to invest in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Learn step-by-step how to develop a winning business case with this easy to follow e-guide. In delivering a compelling business case for PLM you enable your executive management to:

  • Identify where your product development process needs improvement
  • Discover how your product teams can work better together
  • Learn why digital solutions can help your company be more competitive.

Buy-in for PLM is easy when all stakeholders and influencers are vested in the outcome. A great business case does exactly that. It gives all decision makers access to the same business-critical information needed to grasp the benefits, risks, and timescale of implementing a PLM solution. In addition, it presents this message in a format that is clear, concise and compelling.

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