How to find similar fashion items using Look A Like feature

Retviews now makes it possible to have answers to all these questions by simply using a picture from the web. Here is an explanation of how it works.

Have you ever wanted to know if your product was also in your competitor’s offering? What if you could search for similar products across the whole market? For example, searching for Look A Like fashion item?

Retviews now makes it possible to have answers to all these questions by simply using a picture from the web. Here is an explanation of how it works.

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Generate your own competitive analysis report with Retviews

Drag and drop

You created a black and white floral dress for your brand, and you’d like to know if competitors offer a similar product or you simply want to know if a particular product can be found in multiple offerings on the market.

Just select the product picture, drag and drop it in retviews then select the product category.

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Find similar items

Retviews will then search for all similar products on the market and show you the corresponding items. In this case more than 100 products were found.

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Now that you can see all similar products. What are the prices? Have they been discounted? In what sizes and materials are they available?

New product: should you include it as well?

The great thing is that, based on these products, you can create all kinds of analyses right away. Here is the corresponding average price on black and white floral dresses.

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Retviews is also able to tell you the exact materials that ar in use for a specific product. Let’s say you spotted a new type of product, but you don’t know yet if it’s a short term trend that will not last or something bigger. Using pricing and materials data, you can clearly see the competitors intention for this product.

When price and materials quality are high, they most probably see it as a long-term item in their offering while low price and cheap materials mean it’s a short term item pushing for an easy purchase.


Evaluate my product

Another way to use the Look A Like feature is to check if similar products to yours have experienced success or not.

Let’s say that one of your references is showing disappointing sales performances and you’d like to know if it’s also true for other brands. For any product, retviews will reveal its precise price evolution and available sizes history. This way you are able to tell if they’ve been discounting the product or not and if they replenished it or not. You now have a sense if the problem comes from you or the market.

Use the Retviews platform to benchmark your offer against your competitors