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Kubix Link, a multi-system platform that provides a 360° product data management experience

Explore the powerful synergy of PLM, PIM and DAM with Lectra’s latest cloud solution.

Why the fashion world needs next generation PLM software today

While traditional Fashion PLMs have historically only satisfied the product development process, today’s fashion landscape calls for more. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, increasingly more companies will have to take the digital or e-commerce route, making the industry more competitive than ever before. Companies now need to not only collaborate faster to produce exactly what their consumers want, but also relay the right product information at the right time through their online sales channels.

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How is Kubix Link different from the rest?

With embedded PIM, PLM and DAM capabilities, this all-in-one solution Kubix Link covers the entire design-to-sales process. It is an open platform that can be integrated with other legacy IT systems (such as ERP, CRM and WMS) and enables all process stakeholders, from designers to C-level executives, to consolidate, share and communicate up-to-date information through a single funnel from their first sketch to online sales channel. With Kubix Link, they can turn data into actionable insights, thanks to full supply chain visibility.

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