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Kuka Home

“Adopting digitalized cutting techniques has boosted our manufacturing efficiency. We are now able to handle smaller batches and reduce costs.”

Kuka Home customer story

To maintain its leading position in China’s fast-growing furniture market, Kuka Home turned to Lectra for digital transformation of its design, development and production processes.


Kuka Home’s innovative spirit has made it a trailblazer in the Chinese upholstered furniture industry. To cement its place at the forefront of the industry and manage the impact of rising material and labor costs, the company chose to undergo a digital transformation of their product development and leather cutting processes.


Digitalization allows Kuka to virtually design and develop a significant part of its products, as well as evaluate prototype feasibility and product quality in the early stages of product development. With an automated leather cutting process, Kuka achieves consistently high quality cut pieces without relying on operator skills, optimizes leather consumption and boosts efficiency.  

Vilmers customer story

In the last few years we have been in discussions with many equipment manufacturers and carried out various trials. Lectra was more mature and more aligned with our current business model.

Pan Chaoping

Lean Production and Planning Management Director, KUKA


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