Millennials: the customization generation

Today’s marketplace is turning millennial.

For this generation, currently the largest furniture-buying consumer demographic, furniture customization is a must have rather than a nice-to-have.
Older generations are following their lead. Demands for furniture personalization are increasing around the world, and among all age groups. 

Download the “Millennials: The Customization Generation” infographic to find out how to satisfy the most demanding customers of our time 


Who are the Millennials?

  • Born between 1980-2000
  • 2 billion of the world’s population
  • First generation of digital natives
  • Only 6.5% are brand loyal
  • Looking for personal style
  • Want instant results
  • $2.5 trillion Millennials’ global, combined spending power

What do they want in furniture? Millennials place a premium on Authenticity, Self-expression and Personalization. They aren’t willing to wait a long time for new furniture Or compromise on their quality standards.