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Overcome material constraints and motif management challenges

To produce customized furniture with ease it is important to have the right tools if you seek to gain greater control of your cutting preparation and execution process.

Custom furniture production : use the right tools

Achieving success in today’s highly fragmented furniture market requires manufacturers to cut a larger variety of material types and fabrics of greater pattern complexity. Do you have the right tools to manage material constraints and the difficulties of motif fabric? Is your cutting room equipped to maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and increase productivity?


Save time, prevent errors and optimize the expertise of highly skilled labor:

  • Manage material constraints and create cutting jobs in a few minutes with digital technology
  • Automate the motif management process to identify and match motifs with precision 
  • Plan and optimize end-of-roll usage to achieve greater fabric savings


Why automation and digitalization for furniture small serie production ?

To succeed in a highly fragmented furniture market and meet consumer demand for high-quality products at competitive prices, forward-thinking furniture manufacturers are relying more and more on small-series and customized products. The shift enables operational leaders to maximize efficiency, minimize waste and capitalize on new opportunities.

Furniture manufacturers seeking to serve this market will have to solve some difficult cutting and production process challenges. In addition, they are saddled with the operational challenges of maximizing efficiency, minimizing waste, and increasing productivity.

Greater control of the cutting preparation and execution process requires having the right tools for the job. By harnessing the reliability and consistency of digitalization and automation in the cutting preparation and execution process, furniture manufacturers are able to reduce labor costs, reliance on difficult to source labor expertise, and can deliver customized products as quickly as possible.


Easily manage material constraints and pattern-making

Small-series and custom-made furniture production requires furniture manufacturers to adjust quickly to various fabric handling specifications and to verify and validate a wide variety and volume of fabric patterns. Furniture manufacturers seeking to organize their operational processes to work better together and overcome material constraints and motif fabric challenges will benefit from automation and digitalization.

Digital technology and automation makes it easier to cut a larger variety of material types and complex-patterned fabrics. By storing and analyzing fabric information in a digital library, furniture manufacturers are able to take advantage of automatic motif recognition technology and cut motif fabric as fast as plain fabric. Saving time, preventing errors and optimizing the expertise of highly skilled labor are key advantages of a digital cutting room.


Read our e-guide, Manufacturing customized furniture with ease: Overcoming material constraints and motif management challenges to discover the simple solution for the major cutting challenges furniture manufactures face when producing small-series and customized furniture.

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