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Discover how digitalization enables fashion manufacturers to overcome material constraints and patterned fabric challenges

Achieve superior product quality and consistency by gaining control of your cutting preparation and execution process.

Embracing digitalization to enhance cutting room performance

The key to success in overcoming specific material, product development and production challenges is the digitalization of fabric handling requirements and production rules. By embracing digitalization, fashion manufacturers can:

  • Accelerate cutting jobs 
  • Improve product quality 
  • Streamline collaboration and product data management 

Managing complexity in the design-to-production process is vital to achieving superior product quality and consistency. The right tools make it easy to overcome production difficulties imposed by motif fabrics and complex material constraints such as fabric shrinkage, fabric shading and fabric distortion.


The benefit of rapid characterization 

The efficient management of complex material constraints and patterned fabrics rests on the ability to quickly capture, store and transfer all material information, constraints and fabric-handling requirements needed to prepare and execute cutting with precision. Rapid characterization enables fashion manufacturers to populate material libraries once and apply the pre-set rules for all of their cutting jobs. By automating labor-intensive and easily error-prone processes like pre-production and cutting execution rules manufacturers improve efficiency, lower operational costs and ensure product quality and consistency. 

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