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Plumbs: revitalizing sofas with Furniture On Demand by Lectra

Plumbs meets increasing consumer demand for customized reupholstery and sofa covers by increasing production speed and pattern-matching accuracy with Furniture On Demand by Lectra.

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Plumbs’ need to stay on-trend and meet increasing consumer demand

Plumbs is a fourth-generation, 60 year-old family business with a unique, environmentally sustainable business model. 100% made in Britain, they provide sofa reupholstering and cover remanufacturing services to help their customers avoid discarding their furniture by revitalizing them instead. This environmentally friendly approach to furniture has been gaining traction among younger, more conscious consumers. As every order is a one-off, Plumbs faced the challenge of having to meet increasing consumer demand while ensuring quality and profitability. They also had to offer a wider variety of colors, designs and patterned fabrics to stay on-trend.

Plumbs chose Furniture On Demand by Lectra to accelerate production speed without sacrificing quality

Plumbs chose Furniture On Demand by Lectra precisely for its ability to process unique, one-off jobs from order reception to product development and final cutting stages. Already well acquainted with Lectra’s technology, they first saw the solution at Lectra’s headquarters in Cestas, Bordeaux, and were impressed by the results of their test cuts on polyester, stretch, woven and velvet fabrics. They were able to witness firsthand the speed and precision of the fabric cutting and pattern matching processes. That was when they decided to adopt the technology.

A smart solution that increases fabric yield, cutting precision and speed

With a solution that automates customized production, they can now reduce time to market by being able to create and process a wide variety of markers quickly. They can produce patterns for each sofa, and send them directly to cutting room through the cloud. The scanner attached to the cutter enables them to improve pattern-matching accuracy, cut faster, and increase fabric savings. This solution has given them the needed flexibility to offer their consumers a wider range of patterned and plain fabrics.


Furniture On Demand has improved all aspects of my work here at the minute in terms of cutting precision and speed. I have greater control now. The actual offloading process is far superior to that of the previous solution. The pattern matching has been very precise and efficient in helping us save fabric.

Liam Murtagh

Furniture On Demand by Lectra Operator, Plumbs