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Printed Ink LLC: Versatility meets unprecedented speed and precision.

Printed Ink LLC was founded by Jonathan Merenlender and his father in December of 2012 in Pennsylvania. 


The challenge 

Previously, Printed Ink had relied on hand trimming and hot knifing methods which were not only time consuming, but also required two to three employees. In addition, with such a wide-spread service offering, Printed Ink needed to find a way to tackle a number of jobs while decreasing their lead time without sacrificing the high-quality products that they’re known for. 


The solution

In order for Printed Ink to effectively handle their diverse set of job requests, they added the Gerber MCT Cutter to their workflow. The versatile cutting solution is equipped with a high-powered laser and 10 other interchangeable tools, vision-guided software, TigerVision, as well as industry-leading print to cut capabilities.

With the Gerber MCT Cutter, Printed Ink has been able to decrease its labor to several hours a day with one operator running the machine and reduce their fabric trimming time from 20-30 minutes to 20-30 seconds, allowing them to increase their capacity. In addition, the Gerber MCT Cutter also allowed them to leverage custom shapes, 3D lettering and fabrication without requiring extra labor. 


The benefits

  • Decrease fabric trimming time from 20-30 minutes to 20-30 seconds
  • Improved speed and accuracy
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increased capacity, allowing Printed Ink to take on more jobs
  • Ability to easily cut over 150 feet of fabric with no issues
  • Allows for custom shapes, 3D lettering, and fabrication

We went from doing everything by hand to having a giant digital worker who is very accurate and fast. The CNC router drastically cuts down on labor and increased capacity almost instantly. We can produce 2,400 sq. ft. per hour in amazing quality.

Jon Merenlender


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