Swimwear 2021: are sexy swimsuits splashing back?

Now it is time to peel off our loungewear and athleisure and put on our summer swimwear. But what trends can we expect to see on the beaches this year? 

Key takeaways

• Swimwear 2021 is pushing one-piece, as the segment continues to grow year after year.

• Underwire bikini tops are gaining in popularity for swimwear 2021, which might signal a comeback of sexy, push-up bikinis.

• Orange is the new black for Swimwear 2021: Swimwear follows the earth-tone trend that’s taken over other categories.


Can you hear the sound of the waves gently splashing your feet and the light summer breeze on your sun-kissed skin? Yes! Summer is already presenting itself in brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce. 

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The one-piece category continues to grow

Just like in 2020, bikinis still hold the highest assortment share within the swimwear category. However, the one-piece is getting more popular, and retailers were quick to jump on the bandwagon.


Thanks to Retviews data, we observe that one-piece swimsuits now account for almost a fifth of the swimwear category this season, versus 16% last year. 

Is the message to women from fashion retailers and lingerie brands: “Don’t worry! Whether or not you have that ‘summer bod,’ you can feel sexy with our swimsuits. No need to feel self-conscious — wear a one-piece!” If consumers are interested in being on-trend this year, the one-piece is the way to go. 


Underwire or wireless? 

Comfort is still a priority in the lingerie industry, and wireless tops are predominant in the bikinis department. 


However, we’ve seen a rise in underwire tops this year. Are consumers tired of their sporty, comfortable gear and ready to bust out the sexy stuff for summer? It seems like retailers are pivoting toward the return of sexy bikini tops with underwire support and padding to boost curves and show some skin. 


Swimwear prices take a jump from last year

Have swimsuit prices changed, or are we seeing the same prices as last year?


Retviews data shows that prices have gone up in 2021. Indeed, the most frequent prices went from €14,99 to €19,99 this year, and even the average price rose by 9%. What could justify such a jump in prices? Is it linked to the current Covid situation, with stores reopening in Central Europe and retailers trying to capitalize as much as possible on their full-price period? 


Is orange the new black? 

Swimwear 2021 is all about bright colors, especially orange, purple, green, and burgundy. Those colors saw the highest increase in assortment share since the beginning of 2021.


But that doesn’t mean that traditional colors such as blue and black can’t be found in the assortment. Indeed, as those darker colors are more traditional, their growth within the assortment is less impactful than other colors like orange, purple, or green. New articles and cuts in all colors are available across the category.


One-piece vs. bikini

Summer is getting closer and closer, consumers are starting to travel again, and everyone’s dreaming about their summer vacations. Fashion retailers are ramping up their push for consumers to embrace one-piece swimsuits as a way to find the right balance between comfort and sexiness. 

Moreover, the underwire is also making a comeback in swimwear assortments. Will we see the iconic Victoria’s Secret vibes of sexy angels coming back on-trend? Find that information in one click with Retviews. Benchmark your collection to succeed this summer, and get the best out of your competitors’ data.

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