Quick Offer by Lectra: automated fabric estimation and nesting solution

Ensure that products stay on-budget and on-schedule with a cloud-based solution that addresses brands and retailers' needs for speedy, accurate fabric estimation and nesting to facilitate rapid decision-making and reservation of fabric.


introducing Quick Offer by Lectra, a solution for fabric cost estimation and procurement needs

Accelerate the pace of product development and pre-production. Bring innovative new products to market quickly and on cost. Secure margins and stay ahead of your competition. 

Quick Offer combines 2 different solutions: 
- Quick Estimate allows patternmakers to estimate their fabric consumption quickly and easily directly from Modaris during product development. 
- Quick Nest allows marker-makers to process multiple marker lists simultaneously to calculate precise fabric requirements in order to place fabric orders and prepare for production. 

It gives you the ability to fast-track product development for new items with agility and ease, evaluate product viability earlier, and forecast fabric needs and associated costs more accurately. Stay ahead of schedule and handle peaks in activity with ease. Reserve the exact amount of fabric you need. Ensure that product costs stay on budget to protect your profit margins.  

Customer voice

Calzedonia increases product development speed by 17%

That’s a 17% gain in speed-to-market, which has resulted in a flow of many new products to our global network of stores."

Riccardo Romani

Director of Production - Calzedonia



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