Quick Offer by Lectra
Quick automated cloud nesting and fabric consumption estimation

The solution

What is Quick Offer by Lectra?

Quick Offer by Lectra is a cloud-basedautomated fabric consumption estimation and nesting solution that gives brands and retailers the information they need to quickly calculate fabric consumption and make better-informed decisions. It gives you the ability to fast-track product development for new items with agility and ease, evaluate product viability earlier, and forecast fabric needs and associated costs more accurately.

A solution for fabric cost estimation and procurement needs

Quick Offer by Lectra combines two different solutions: Quick Estimate allows patternmakers to estimate their fabric consumption quickly and easily directly from Modaris during product development; Quick Nest allows marker-makers to process multiple marker lists simultaneously to calculate precise fabric requirements in order to place fabric orders and prepare for production.

Quick Estimate

With Quick Estimate, you can make fabric consumption estimates in seconds via

  • Make fabric consumption calculations in just seconds
  • Verify that products remain on-cost and maintain your profit margins
  • Make informed decisions during product development
  • Advance to the collection review stage on time and with confidence
  • Price your products earlier
Quick Nest

With Quick Nest, you can create accurate markers more efficiently with the power of
the cloud:

  • Forecast fabric needs up to 80% faster with automatic cloud nesting
  • Optimize fabric consumption with higher marker efficiency
  • Eliminate excess inventory, minimize fabric costs and protect your profit margins
  • Reserve and purchase fabrics earlier
  • Handle peaks in activity easily with parallel processing of marker lists
  • Quickly provide suppliers with markers to launch production on the instant
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