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Discover Vector: our best in class cutting machine

Compliant with Industry 4.0, our best-selling Vector cutting machines can be used for all manufacturing models and fabric types, to help you achieve high levels of efficiency and profitability. Vector brings agility and versatility to the cutting process with its ability to operate on various product categories such as ready-to-wear, denim, lingerie and footwear.

Vector multi-ply cutting machines enable manufacturers to facilitate just-in time (JIT) and mass production processes while fulfilling last-minute orders with ease. No matter the production volume, you can still achieve operational excellence and minimal cost per cut part.

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The best in class cutting machines designed to meet every business need


Minimize fabric costs without sacrificing quality, handle delicate fabrics with ease and cut at optimal speed thanks to Lectra’s connected cutting room offer designed to lingerie market.


Achieve the ultimate in flexibility, cost reduction and innovation with a digitalized footwear cutting room 4.0 process.


Master fit, style and comfort, speed up the development process, maximize profit margins and reduce time to market thanks to Lectra’s connected cutting room offer designed to denim market.

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