5 ways fashion brands can level up their e-commerce game

Fueled by online marketplace growth, the fashion e-commerce market continues to grow. Neteven helps fashion brands maximize their online sales potential by expanding their digital footprint while retaining complete control over pricing and brand image.

Expanding your digital footprint comes with challenges

The fashion e-commerce market is set to reach a valuation of $1 trillion in 2024, with marketplace growth outstripping that of all other e-commerce segments. To succeed in this highly competitive, fast-moving sector, brands and retailers must adopt an omnichannel approach.

A profitable digital distribution strategy is one that leverages the unique attributes of each e-commerce website or online marketplace while ensuring a consistent brand image across channels.

Positioning and pricing a complete catalog of stock keeping units (SKUs) across multiple platforms and countries can be challenging, sometimes with detrimental impact on brand identity and image.

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5 ways to level up your fashion e-commerce game

Ready to level up your fashion e-commerce game?

What is Neteven?

Neteven’s secure SaaS platform was developed to meet the needs of brands and in collaboration with leading marketplaces.

The solution's powerful automation capabilities and feature-rich functionality allow fashion brands to oversee the complete online sales cycle with a 360° view of product performance.

Level up your e-commerce game with a dedicated SaaS solution

Neteven helps fashion brands master their digital distribution strategy and brand image by giving them complete control over all aspects of online product sales.

Designed to manage the complete online distribution cycle, Neteven’s secure SaaS platform gives fashion companies access to the world’s leading marketplaces and maximizes sales potential using powerful automation capabilities and features like:

  • inventory synchronization,
  • automated listing and updates,
  • pricing management,
  • and order management.

By remaining in complete control of their digital marketing assets, product data and pricing strategy, brands and retailers remain in control of their brand image and identity, preserving hard-earned brand equity.