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Fashion’s key to seamless global expansion: unlocking the power of AI

Your brand is entering a new market, but how do you nail your prices? How are your competitors positioned in that country? Find out how fashion’s top brands use automated competitive intelligence to expand their brand internationally, without the guesswork.

Need the right price and the ideal assortment in a new market? Trust the Retviews Fashion AI

Watch the video to find the secret to smooth international expansion

As the fashion industry is rapidly expanding and new international markets are coming in hot, entering a new region and getting the right strategy for your brand on a global scale is a no-brainer.

The question remains though, what’s the secret to smooth international expansion?

Fashion’s hottest brands are taking advantage of AI with Retviews to monitor their competitors’ international strategies and pinpoint the right way to enter a new market with ease.

Inside Fashion Brands’ Secret to Smooth International Expansion

Navigating pricing in a new market

When entering a new market, one of the key elements for a brand to consider is setting the right price, relevant to the country you’re addressing.

Are your competitors’ t-shirt prices consistently 10% lower in the US than they are in the UK? Entering a new market with this data in mind will make the transition significantly smoother, avoiding the guesswork of pricing your collections based on manual research, which is inevitably prone to error.

A specific category could be popular in one market, while being minor in another, therefore your home market pricing strategy may not be the ideal one internationally. This is precisely where Retviews comes in, as a brand’s biggest ally when expanding globally.

Retviews’ real-time data allow you to track how competitors are pricing collections in each market as well as spot the difference in pricing structures on an international scale, keeping your collections competitive across countries.


A new market could mean a shift in assortment

Pricing your collections to perfection internationally is key, but another vital factor is getting the right assortment structure when expanding into new markets.

Considering the differences in style and consumer behavior across different countries, your assortment will likely need a shift when entering new markets.

Looking at t-shirts once again, the category may have proved popular in your US collection, but is it going to be just as popular in Italy?

Retviews’ data allow you to see your competitors’ assortment split across different markets, giving you the information you need to best position your own brand in the market, with the most relevant assortment.

With Retviews, monitor competitors’ assortments across markets in real-time to identify the ideal assortment to launch when entering a brand new market.


Decoding international expansion with the power of AI

What may once have been a challenge, becomes effortless thanks to Retviews’ data.

Considering the global scope of leading brands, ranging from mass market giants such as ZARA to luxury powerhouses such as GUCCI, as a fashion brand, going international is key. Worldwide availability has made them that much more prominent.

For ZARA, the US is their second biggest market, after Spain, and GUCCI is one of the most coveted luxury brands among Chinese shoppers.

Using automated competitor analysis makes global expansion a breeze and will ultimately keep your brand ahead of the competition, with the most relevant market insights.

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