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Gerber AccuPlan

Save time and money with intuitive planning software

Gerber AccuPlan

Gerber AccuPlan is a powerful spread- and cut-planning tool that boosts production efficiencies and bottom-line performance by leveraging existing libraries and databases and automating the marker-planning process.

Cut with confidence and precision

Optimize cutting by generating sophisticated spread and cut plans based on real-time availability of your fabric rolls and cutting tables. Plan multiple cutting orders together with a powerful production tracker. Track orders from the CAD department through to the cutting room with the accuracy of digital cut tickets and barcodes.

A fully automated solution from cut planning to automated nesting

Gerber AccuPlan’s automation allows users to adjust work order needs and more accurately understand inventory, cutting material waste and part nesting instructions. Integrate Gerber AccuPlan into your ERP system to run the software 24/7 without interruption. With full automation of block fusible markers, seamlessly connect the dots from cut planning to fabric allocation, marker generation and automated nesting.

Easily manage material needs

Import hundreds of thousands of fabric roll entries from external databases in a matter of seconds. Automatically calculate the amount of fabric needed. Define and standardize nesting constraints by fabric type. Get accurate fabric consumption results using fabric roll inventory and allocation functionalities.

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Acorfato customer testimonial

Implementation of Gerber AccuPlan software enabled clothing maker Acorfato to calculate the material required to produce a specific order, improving stock management, eliminating cutting errors, and supporting the company’s commercial policy.