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IKKS: “Thanks to Retviews, we benefit from real-time data”

How can a fashion brand save several weeks of competitive benchmarking, a key activity in developing collections? Valérie Bedouin-Gain, Marketing Director at IKKS and Marjorie Picquet, Marketing Coordinator, share the benefits and advantages of Retviews in this video.

Retviews, revolutionizing competitive intelligence

Analyzing the structure of competitor collections allows brands to develop their own. It is therefore a key activity, but “it can be both time-consuming and tedious,” explains Marjorie Picquet, Marketing Coordinator at IKKS. “Before Retviews, we were doing our benchmarking directly on the high street and on the Internet, with one price survey per season.

“It was very time consuming: “It was usually taking 2 to 3 weeks per brand!"

It saves us so much time that we now use Retviews for all IKKS brands and other brands of the group, including One Step and I.Code. “Today, we use Retviews throughout the year, especially in key periods like when planning collections, selecting items or for sales analysis,” explains Marjorie Picquet.


Time savings and real-time data: two major benefits in the current inflation climate

For Valérie Bedouin-Gain, Marketing Director at IKKS, Retviews offers many advantages: “We mainly use it to gather competitive intelligence on the make-up of other brands’ collections. When analyzing the formal suit collections of our competitors for example, in just a few clicks we can check how many double-breasted jackets or three-piece suits they sell.” This enables quick decision making, Marjorie Picquet says: “Thanks to Retviews, we can make pricing decisions very quickly.”


A responsive and available customer support team

IKKS also appreciates the time and effort Retviews puts into their customer support: “the added bonus is their customer support team, who are both extremely responsive and available.”

Analyzing the CSR strategy of competitors

CSR is now a major issue for brands, and the fashion industry is no exception

That is why IKKS is using Retviews to “focus on the CSR attributes of products and see what CSR strategy competitors apply to their collections,” says the brand’s Marketing Director.

These key indicators provide IKKS with all the information they need to position themselves in the market.

Valérie Bedoin-Gain

Marketing Director at IKKS



Use the Retviews platform to benchmark your offer against your competitors