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Monitor your competitors in real-time

Use a competitive intelligence tool to take advantage of competitor data, optimize your own retail strategy and boost performance.

Optimize your brand's performance with Retviews

  • The industry is changing at a faster than ever pace, and brands need to adapt.
  • With an automated benchmarking solution, you can stay ahead of the curve.
  • Monitor competitor assortment, pricing and discount strategies in real-time, with precise and actionable data, and optimize your own retail strategy through fashion market intelligence

Take advantage of your competitors' data in real-time thanks to Retviews

Retviews gives your brand a complete overview of competitors' products and prices, in order to support your retail decisions, backed up with precise and actionable data

Escape the time-consuming challenge of manual benchmarking, often resulting in obsolete data. Leave the guesswork behind and get the hard data on your competitors’ assortment, pricing and discount strategies in real-time, with Retviews, the automated benchmarking solution for fashion brands and retailers

With Retviews your brand can: 

  • Identify product gaps. You can explore the detailed assortment mix of each of your competitors and detect product opportunities on open categories
  • Choose the right prices. You can see the complete pricing strategy behind other brands’ collections and optimize your own pricing strategy, to maximize margins. 
  • Track marketing actions: You can detect how your competitors are discounting and see all the promotional newsletters to time your own actions perfectly. 
  • Spot market trends and new arrivals. You can check the emergence of new products, sell-outs, new materials and keep close track of when your competitors are releasing new collections. 
  • Maximize margins. You can prevent unnecessary discounts with the right product at the right price, every time
  • Save time. You can stop wasting time on competitive analysis and access data in real-time
  • Optimize Sell-Through. You can be reactive to market changes, and always hit bestsellers

Monitor your competitors easily

Competitive analysis becomes simple when all the data you need is available in one place, in the click of a mouse and accessible anytime, anywhere. 

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