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Unleash the power of personalization and on-demand production

Fashion On Demand: adapt your production processes to meet the growing need for fashion made to order and fashion made to customize


What is Fashion On Demand and how does the end-to-end solution enable fashion manufacturers to achieve on-demand production and small series runs?

Fashion On Demand by Lectra empowers fashion executives to boost the efficiency of their cutting machines, fabrics, and the performance of their employees. Sensors, optics and automation capabilities facilitate predictive maintenance; enable real-time monitoring of material usage, and re-directs employees to more valuable tasks. By streamlining the production process to adjust quickly to changing requirements, fashion companies are able to produce smaller lot sizes with less equipment downtime and shorten their production cycles to handle just-in-time production fluctuations, unplanned orders and short- and mass-production runs with ease.


Why improving collaboration and supply-chain digitalization are key to achieving sustainable fashion and on demand production

Sustainable fashion and on demand production is dependent on end-to-end transparency throughout the supply chain and real-time communication between cutting equipment, software, employees and third party partners. The digital cutting room organizes operational processes to work better together to achieve product quality and consistency throughout the entire production process.

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