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Texdata digitizes its cutting process with Lectra's Modaris Expert, Optiplan and Vector solution

Accelerating production with digitalization to boost business performance and achieve sustainability targets 


Growing its business with digital innovation

Romanian manufacturer Texdata SRL approached the challenge of growing its business by investing early in digital technology. The company relies on innovation and flexibility to optimize its production processes and enhance its ability to work with higher-end brands.  

Lectra solutions and expertise enable Texdata to integrate their pattern and cutting room planning operations to shorten their manufacturing lead time by nearly 67% enabling the company to increase productivity and achieve a 5% increase in business despite the eruption of the COVID crisis.

“To work with the best brands, and expand your business, your company must be digital, says Liviu Solomon CEO, Texdata, If you can’t receive a pattern in a digital format and communicate with your client instantaneously, making fittings online and returning the mockup immediately, your company won’t survive.”

Winning new customers with transparency and sustainability

Finding innovative ways of maximizing productivity without compromising on the high quality and sustainability expectations of their customers is a hallmark of the company’s success. The flexibility of small series and on demand production strengthens Texdata’s sustainability initiatives, accelerates its assembly time and enables the company to meet the demands of a-list clients.

“To win contracts with high-end brands your company must be transparent and respect high-standards,” says Liviu Solomon. Thanks to the efficiency gains achieved with Lectra’s Optiplan and Vector cutting solution for apparel manufacturing, Texdata reduced its material consumption by 4% and cutting room costs by 15%. 

You can’t survive today without investing in digital technology.  To work with the best brands, and expand your business, your company must be digital.

Liviu Solomon

CEO, Texdata 

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