The power of Patagonia

Iconic and sustainable outerwear.

Key akeaways

  • Patagonia takes the lead among outdoor brands in the outerwear sector
  • Sustainability is the key focus in Patagonia’s brand strategy
  • Patagonia’s iconic fleece is not only seen in outdoor wear but has become a trend piece
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When one thinks of high-quality outdoor wear, Patagonia is the iconic brand on everyone’s mind. With a consistent focus on sustainability and on creating long lasting pieces of pristine quality, the brand has stood the test of time and remains among the most popular brands in the outdoor gear sector.

With a key focus of its impact on the planet, Patagonia stands out even more today, seeing as environmentally conscious brands are a key factor that consumers take into consideration when making a purchase.

The world was first introduced to Patagonia in the 1970s, and from the get-go the outdoor activewear brand set out to have a positive impact on the planet. Whether it be through environmental responsibility and protection or through social responsibility, Patagonia keeps sustainable fashion on its forefront.

How does Patagonia’s offer compare to other outdoors wear giants and how has it remained an iconic brand throughout the years?

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Outerwear takes the lead

Hiking, rock climbing, snow trekking or even surfing, Patagonia covers its bases and offers a wide assortment of outdoor clothing for both men and women in all sorts of weather conditions and surfaces. The brand represents the most even repartition of categories in its assortment, potentially giving the American brand its competitive edge.

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However, Patagonia, unlike other outdoor clothing brands, places outerwear as one of its top priorities, with a 30% share of its assortment. Although other brands like The North Face, have a significant presence in outerwear, Patagonia takes the lead with its vast assortment of jackets.

Within Patagonia’s outerwear assortment, a key category is the fleece, a fabric and clothing item that the brand pioneered in the 1970s , making it its most iconic piece. A simple polyester pile fabric, transformed into a piece that every outdoor clothing brand carries today. Patagonia’s desire for a positive impact on the planet however, drove it to create the fleece out of recycled materials, and the brand continues to improve the iconic piece’s environmental impact today.

Retviews Data Outerwear Assortment Mix Patagonia Blog Retviews 2021
Patagonia Hiking Mountain Trek Retviews Blog Patagonia Outerwear

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The fleece is also one of The North Face’s most popular pieces , showcasing its power within the outdoor wear industry. The iconic piece however, has also made its way as a fashion trend and has been sported by some of the fashion industry’s biggest influencers. The fleece has seen a peak in popularity these last few years, appearing in trend lists. The Patagonia fleece in particular, was listed among the hottest pieces for the first quarter of 2021,  thus boosting Patagonia’s visibility and popularity as a brand.

Where Patagonia focuses on its overall environmental impact. The North Face has been releasing luxury collaborations which have boosted the brand’s acclaim and led it to appear in the hottest trends of the quarter with its Gucci x The North Face and MM6 Maison Margiela x The North Face collaborations.

In the long run, what will reign supreme within outdoor apparel brands and their outerwear assortment? WIll it be the focus on sustainability in every aspect of the company or the popularity of luxury brand partnerships?


Sustainability at Patagonia’s core

Patagonia not only creates sustainable collections, but is also involved with environmental responsibility in different aspects, such as its 1% of sales going towards helping restore the environment and its “Worn Wear” section , in collaboration with resale market “Trove”  , where customers can purchase pre-worn pieces, in order to extend their lifecycle and limit consumption. What also stands out within Patagonia is its strategy in adding new items to its assortment.

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Retviews data showcases Patagonia’s strategy to maintain a lower level of new additions each month, in comparison with its competitors. The sustainable brand’s new ins represent a significantly lower share than those of its competitors, mainly between April and July, where the share was perpetually close to zero. This coincides with the brand’s environmental focus and advertising campaigns such as the “Don’t Buy This Jacket” campaign on Black Friday, raising awareness about the importance of limiting consumption.

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