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What is Gerber Innovation Center?

Gerber Innovation Center features the Gerber Microfactory which is a fully connected solution that enables customized, made-to-measure and on-demand production. The turnkey solution allows fashion brands to design, develop and produce garments faster and more sustainably than ever before.

The solution incorporates several key technologies including Gerber YuniquePLM, Gerber AccuMark, Gerber AccuNest, Gerber AccuMark Made-to-Measure, digital printing and single ply cutting to accelerate time to market while minimizing errors, reducing waste and improving the overall quality of the final garment.

On-demand fashion made fast and sustainable

Gerber YuniquePLM

Align objectives across key stakeholders with cloud-based PLM solution Gerber YuniquePLM. Easily manage and navigate color pa lettes, images and other digital assets. Share your data across the supply chain through seamless integration with solutions already in use.

Gerber AccuMark

Gerber AccuMark  is a suite of integrated software applications that offers automated personalization functionality, easy image placement, 3D visualization and powerful nesting algorithms. Input custom fit data, seamlessly move and scale images, optimize fabric usage and easily generate PDF print files for fast, efficient and sustainable on-demand production. AccuMark can provide any combination of customization including  sizing, style or print options. You can start with one personalization option and expand over time as you grow your business. 


Gerber Z1

Gerber Z1 empowers automation and creates a new level of efficiency through precision cutting and state-of-the-art vision systems. Equipped with ContourVision Gerber Z1 allows printed fabric and other textiles to be cut with an automatically generated cut file for a truly seamless process.


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Customer Voice



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