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What is Vector?

Lectra integrated cutting room offer is a pioneering combination of marker-making, pattern-making, spreading and cutting solutions to enable furniture manufacturers to control costs, minimize waste and shorten production cycles

Vector fabric cutting room combines lean-oriented production processes with maximum uptime to deliver improved speed and better-quality products at the lowest cost per cut.

The launch of Furniture on Demand enriched by Valia marks the solution’s compatibility with best-selling fabric-cutting equipment range Vector for the first time ever.

Designed to meet every production need, Vector delivers unprecedented uptime, improved speed, long-term reliability, and optimized efficiency and quality, backed by Lectra’s unique technical and customer support capabilities.

Vector low-ply

Vector low-ply range

Expand the possibilities of cutting room performance with the new VectorFurniture Q2 and VectorFurniture iX2 low-ply cutters.

Lectra’s best-in-class cutting range is designed to satisfy fluctuating order volumes, increasing complexity, and evolving sustainability requirements. VectorFurniture iX2 offers superior throughput and greater versatility thanks to the proprietary Eclipse feature—which enables uninterrupted cutting while the conveyor advances.

  • New VectorFurniture Q2 - Up to 2.5 cm of compressed fabric
  • New VectorFurniture iX2 - Up to 2.5 cm of compressed fabric
Vector high-ply range

Vector high-ply range

To cut more fabric faster and at a lower cost, Vector iQ80 offers the greatest capacity for mass production. The Vector iX6 supports high-volume manufacturing with flexible production needs.

  • VectorFurniture iX6 - Up to 6 cm of compressed fabric
  • VectorFurniture iQ80 - Up to 8 cm of compressed fabric

The new Brio spreader delivers high quality, tension-free spreading for fabric rolls up to 250 kilos, whatever the spread height. Optimize material use and get the most from your stock through automatic fabric roll end management. Brio helps you to work faster and with the security of perfect alignment fabric laying.


Discover the latest generation of low-ply cutters VectorFurniture Q2 & VectorFurniture iX2

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