Vector: cutting room for furniture production

Bring new levels of efficiency to your mass-production fabric cutting room with Vector.


Introducing Vector

Vector fabric cutting room combines lean-oriented production processes with maximum uptime to deliver improved speed and better-quality products at the lowest cost per cut. Discover Vector: the best cutting maching. 

Customer voice

Liz Muebles increases productivity by 30%

“With Vector, we increased our productivity by up to 30% through which we increased production capacity and cut delivery times to our clients.”

Mauricio Gamboa

Production Manager, Liz Muebles

Furniture Production


What You’ll Gain

Furniture video background

See for yourself

Vector in action

Vector cutting room’s streamlined process—with automated spreading, precise patterned fabric matching, speedy high, multi or low-ply cutting and efficient offloading—helps you meet tight furniture production schedules, quickly deliver orders, and grow margins.

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Product brochure

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