Lectra at the forefront of Industry 4.0

Our outlook on Industry 4.0

Our outlook on Industry 4.0

We are strong advocates of Industry 4.0.

We believe that Industry 4.0 bridges the gap between the consumer and the factory, bringing precision and flexibility to the design-to-production process. It entails establishing connectivity between factories, points of sale and marketing activities, digitally transforming the product lifecycle as a whole.

It empowers you to build manufacturing resilience, by allowing you to adopt a data-driven, proactive approach to improving performance and achieving operational excellence.

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Thanks to in-store data and automation, smart factories can now produce on demand, and respond to demand fluctuations in real time. This allows you to nearshore your operations, avoid overstock and excess inventory, and increase your cost savings.

The digitalization of processes such as design, product development, collection management, production and distribution is a prerequisite of Industry 4.0.  Here at Lectra we have identified four key pillars of growth for our Industry 4.0 strategy: the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), big data analytics, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence (A.I.).

Lectra, an Industry 4.0 pioneer

Lectra, an Industry 4.0 pioneer

Drawing from our 50 years of business expertise, we have been offering intelligent and connected solutions since 2007. Our product offering, a winning combination of software, equipment, data analysis and services, encapsulates the spirit of Industry 4.0.

We are increasing the portion of our offering that is available in the cloud. This helps us collect and analyze the usage data of our solutions, through artificial intelligence, to offer services never before seen in the marketplace.  

Our technologies

Our four main Industry 4.0 technologies

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

An eco-system of devices and physical objects that can exchange data over a network without any need for human intervention, IIOT is a big leap in technology. Today’s IIOT solutions can also analyze data and relay information about equipment to operators for predictive maintenance, helping them minimize machine downtime, errors and waste.  

Big data analytics

Having to handle large volumes of data coming from all parts of the supply chain, our biggest challenge now is to consolidate, analyze and glean business insights from them. 

Cloud computing

Cloud technology is no longer just about on-demand storage and computing, but also providing enough accessibility to facilitate sharing and teamwork while ensuring data privacy and security. 

Artificial intelligence (A.I.)

With recommendation systems, web-search engines, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence has reached its pinnacle. Machines now have the ability to copy, automate and optimize processes while being personalized to the needs of the user. 

By your side, on your journey to lead in Industry 4.0

Our technology and in-depth knowledge make us the ideal partner for you and companies with the ambition to take a decisive step in the digital age.  With software and equipment that are driven by IIoT, big data, cloud computing, and A.I., we enhance your everyday working lives by enabling you to make smarter decisions faster backed by precise data.

Starting with the cutting room as a stepping stone, we have come a long way to integrate Industry 4.0 technology into our entire product offering, from predictive maintenance to competitive benchmarking, and are ready to support our fashion, furniture and automotive customers throughout their journey to achieving operational excellence.


Building a collective vision for the future

At Lectra, we believe in keeping an open mind to new ideas and ways of working. Our solutions and equipment were born out of a collective vision for the future, formed by our years of experience working with external partners and customers like you.   

With a dedicated innovation and 500-strong R&D team that are spearheading the implementation of our Industry 4.0 strategy, we are constantly working with external suppliers, universities, our newly acquired firms and you to identify new business and collaboration opportunities. We are consciously creating a community that leverages collective intelligence to co-create products that the market needs, by perpetually exploring, assessing, designing and testing novel concepts.  

Download the Industry 4.0 manifesto

Download the Lectra Industry 4.0 manifesto

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