Lectra at the forefront of Industry 4.0

Our outlook on Industry 4.0

Our outlook on Industry 4.0

We are strong advocates of Industry 4.0. We believe that Industry 4.0 bridges the gap between the consumer and the factory, bringing precision and flexibility to the design-to-production process.  

It entails establishing connectivity between factories, points of sale and marketing activities, digitally transforming the product lifecycle as a whole. It empowers you to build manufacturing resilience, by allowing you to adopt a data-driven, proactive approach to improving performance and achieving operational excellence. 

Watch the interview to understand Lectra’s outlook on Industry 4.0: Maximilien Abadie, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Product Officer. 

State of Industry 4.0

The industrial sector is always looking to optimize its production and performance. With new technologies which emerge regularly, it's now time for digital technology in all forms to make its mark in factories. Connected objects, Big Data and data analysis, cloud, virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are transforming manufacturing processes in all sectors helping to improve both productivity and working conditions for operators.


Six phases towards Industry 4.0

Whether we talk about "smart manufacturing", the industry of the future or the intelligent factory, the digitization of industry always has the same objective: to optimize manufacturing processes to produce more, better, faster, more environmentally friendly and at lower cost. The various models consider six phases to achieve these objectives.

Discover these 6 phases

Lectra, an Industry 4.0 pioneer

Launched in 2017, the Lectra 4.0 strategy aims to position Lectra as a key Industry 4.0 player on its strategic markets by 2030. 

Our cutting equipment and software benefits from the power of the cloud, big data, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to take advantage of data available at each stage of the value creation chain in which we operate. This enables our customers to digitize their cutting rooms even further and make them more agile, intelligent and powerful, by connecting upstream and downstream production processes. 

Cloud industrie 4.0

In addition, fashion companies can rely on our software to design and manage their collection lifecycles more collaboratively, compare in real time their offers with those of their competitors and automate the updating and publication of product information on online sales channels. We also offer a software platform that allows them to ensure reliable, secure and fully digital material mapping.  

What Industry 4.0 looks like at Lectra


At Lectra, we are at the forefront of Industry 4.0 and apply these principles to our own production model. Discover how by watching our dedicated video from our plant in Cestas, France

Internet of Things at Lectra


Lectra has been a pioneer in the Internet of Things, developing connected equipment as early as 2007. Lectra integrated sensors into all of its cutting equipment. Learn more about the key advantages that customers can experience with the implementation of IoT in our equipment and services.

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