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Bally enhances performance in the entirety of its value chain, thanks to Lectra’s solutions

Partnering with Lectra’s Retviews, Kubix Link PLM and PIM platforms, Bally found the digital solution it has been looking for – supporting the whole collection lifecycle, from competitive intelligence to collection development and product marketing, thus optimizing performance.


One Partner to Optimize the Collection Lifecycle

The epitome of Swiss luxury, Bally combines its century-old expertise with technological innovation, positioning itself as a pioneer with cutting edge technologies in manufacturing, as well as in marketing its innovative designs. Looking for the tools that would bolster the company as a leader of the ever-changing industry, Bally chose to partner with Lectra’s solutions to improve performance and make better decisions along the whole value chain.

From product development to merchandising, Bally’s teams were able to work with accurate, real-time data with Lectra as a technology provider. Improving communication and marketing information, as well as staying on top of competitor strategies - Lectra’s Retviews, Kubix Link PLM and PIM platforms allowed an all-round optimization of its collections.

Kubix Link - From Design to Market with One Platform

With a single solution, Bally is now able to easily manage numerous different products in one place. As a collaboration and communication tool, Kubix Link PLM has allowed the luxury brand to optimize communication among teams, enhancing collection development and improving collaboration throughout the value chain.

A 360 solution, Kubix Link not only enhanced product development and design through its PLM platform, but also improved product information with its PIM solution, allowing Bally to make better decisions and enhance customer experience - staying ahead of the competition. The combination of both PLM and PIM as one platform allows Bally to connect all parts of the supply chain and optimize its entire process, from design to market.

Retviews - Saving Time with Automated Benchmarking

Successfully integrating Kubix Link solutions into its processes, Bally chose to take its collections a step further, with Lectra’s competitive intelligence platform Retviews. Previously benchmarking manually, Bally spent significant amounts of time on collecting data that quickly became obsolete.

Integrating Retviews proved to be essential for Bally, allowing the brand to get a real-time view of competitors’ strategies and in turn fine-tune its own collections and manage its international pricing strategy, staying on top of consumer demand. With Retviews, Bally is able to make decisions based on precise, actionable data and does so in a fraction of the time spent benchmarking manually.

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