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DeRucci moves to smart production with DesignConcept and Versalis

DeRucci chose DesignConcept, Lectra’s 3D virtual prototyping solution, and Versalis® leather cutting solution in order to better meet consumers’ desires for customized sleep products and achieve a flexible digital manufacturing process. The result: accelerated processing time and increased hide yield.


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DeRucci wanted to make the leap to smart manufacturing

DeRucci produces custom bedding in order to provide consumers with a better customer experience. Complete personalization means the company must contend with high diversity and variability of product demand. In order to respond more quickly to consumer customization needs and to keep up with market trends, DeRucci needed to increase production flexibility to improve product quality. Based on the company's strategic vision and the “Made in China 2025” program, DeRucci wanted to improve the entire process, from product development to manufacturing, through innovation-driven development and cutting technology.

DesignConcept accelerates the product development process

With Lectra DesignConcept 3D, DeRucci upgrades traditional 2D modeling to 3D modeling, reducing the number of physical samples and the number of pattern iterations by up to 50%. The introduction of DesignConcept 3D has made DeRucci’s streamlined and strengthened communication between teams. Greater collaboration between product development and production departments ensures design feasibility and reduces the risk of errors.

Discover how concurrent development with DesignConcept provides more efficient styling, design reviews, and costing for upholstered furniture companies.

Versalis gives DeRucci greater control over the leather cutting process

Versalis leather cutting solutions take into account different operating modes, hide shapes, leather types and quality, finished product quality requirements, production efficiency and cost savings. The entire process is digitized, from leather scanning, automatic nesting, to cutting and unloading. In addition, Versalis' companion software suite enables DeRucci to digitally collect key production data such as leather usage and production performance, allowing DeRucci to control the entire cutting process more accurately.

Find out how to achieve a more efficient production cycle and maximize hide yield, no matter the hide type or leather grade with Versalis.

We believe that Lectra's Industry 4.0-compatible technology and end-to-end solutions, as well as its proven expertise will play an important role in our transition to smart manufacturing.

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