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“We have been collaborating with lectra for 20 years, so it was an obvious choice for us to approach them to identify the best solution to increase the flexibility of our leather cutting process, and thus increase production efficiency.”


DFM produces furniture—from concept to finished product—for sophisticated customers around the world. To fulfill the growing list of orders, DFM pursued a twofold production expansion strategy: invest in a new plant equipped with only best-in-class technology and optimize the production process. A long-time Lectra customer and strong believer in the importance of Industry 4.0 technology, DFM’s first choice for the project was Lectra.


DFM needed to maximize production capacity to respond to steady growth in sales. The company sought to improve its leather cutting process in order to maximize production efficiency and optimize leather consumption.


Lectra suggested implementation of an offline leather cutting process with Versalis®, the automated leather cutting solution. With the offline process, DFM could increase hide yield and achieve a streamlined workflow.

Within the first few months of implementation, DFM reduced hide consumption by 5%. Separation of the hide scanning, nesting and cutting stages allowed DFM to maximize workflow speed and efficiency.

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With this offline process workflow, we increase cutting efficiency and productivity with better planning of production orders.

Tomasz Mazurowski

Leather Department Manager, DFM