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What to expect from discounts this year? 

Key takeaways

  • Less discounts throughout the year within mass market and premium brands
  • Average prices are at an increase within mass market retailers in 2021
  • Discounts decreased in early November and are lower than discounts for the same period in 2020
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One of the biggest shopping days of the year is just around the corner and brands are gearing up for the upcoming retail phenomenon that is Black Friday. The last Friday of November has become a worldwide sales event, and it doesn’t stop there, Cyber Monday sales are also a valuable part of the shopping frenzy. Consumers are increasingly interested in holiday shopping on Cyber Monday, more so than Black Friday itself, as indicated by Deloitte’s 2021 Holiday Retail Survey, and numerous brands are now discounting collections throughout the entire week. With holiday shopping forecast to increase by 7-9%, what can fashion retailers expect this year from Black Friday? Will we see a return of pre-pandemic discounts, or is Black Friday a thing of the past?

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Decreased discounts in 2021

Throughout 2020, amid the global pandemic and safety measures in place worldwide, retailers were discounting higher volumes, a lot more frequently, and getting rid of stock that had piled up during lockdowns and store closures. Looking at the fall season alone, ranging from September to mid-November, discounts in 2020, mass market brands discounted large amounts of their collections in a non-sale season, indicating a longer discount period preceding Black Friday Week. Although not as successful as the previous year, Black Friday remained prominent in 2020, with some areas even postponing the discount event to coincide with re-opening of stores, instigating another sales peak the following week.

Retviews Data Fall Discounted Items 2020 vs. 2021 Discount Strategy

Retviews data allows you to monitor competitor’s data, get an in-depth look into their strategies, and enhance your own performance. Regarding mass market brands, there is a clear difference between discounted items throughout the fall season of 2021 in comparison with 2020. This year witnessed a significantly lower level of discounts between September and mid-November, within leading mass market brands as well as on average in the mass market. Retviews data indicates that this can also be seen throughout the year's big summer sales in July, where 2021 levels were once again lower than the previous year. This poses the question of whether pre-pandemic discounts are making a comeback this year?

No longer getting rid of leftover inventory, lower discounts throughout the year could indicate that brands are gearing up for high levels of discounts this Black Friday. Furthermore, studies show that more consumers are intending to do their holiday shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year and have an increased holiday shopping budget , corroborating brands’ low fall discounts in preparation for a big Black Friday event.

Retviews Data Analysis Premium Market Discounted Items 2020 vs. 2021 Discount Strategy

The same phenomenon can be observed within the premium market, many of whose leading brands discounted less this year throughout the fall season - indicating that discounts are not extended this year and a potentially bigger Black Friday event is in store. On average, the premium market as a whole is discounting 22% less this fall as opposed to last. Will this be reflected in this week’s Black Friday event?


Facing supply chain issues

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an impact on fashion retail, with supply chain issues hitting retailers in numerous sectors. An increase in textile prices, supply chain disruptions with manufacturers and suppliers in South-East Asia, including factory closures and production delays recently occurred. Globally hitting retail, pandemic-driven supply chain issues coupled with an expected spending increase during Black Friday and the holiday season overall, are provoking an inevitable increase in prices.

Retviews Data Price Evolution Black Friday Fall 2021 vs. Fall 2020 Price Increases

Using Retviews data and looking at the state of average prices within the mass market as a whole, in 2021 there is an evident average price increase of 3% throughout the fall season ranging from September to mid-November, when compared to the same period in 2020. Although increased discounts are expected, following high demand ; higher prices are also in the cards for many brands, on Black Friday. Will brands be able to get Black Friday to its full potential this year or will supply chain disruptions put a damper on the famed discount event?

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No extended discounts this year?

Keeping supply chain disruptions in mind, consumers expect to be shopping for the holidays earlier this year, with 44% of consumers saying they will start holiday shopping before November. Is this reflected in mass market brands’ discount strategy in early November? How does their discount strategy fare in comparison with 2020?

Retviews Data Analysis Discount Timeline 2020 vs. 2021 Mass Market Brands

Retviews data, showcasing the evolution of total discounted items in mass market collections in early November, for 2020 and 2021, indicates a clear difference in the amount of discounts between the two years. Within the overall mass market, 2021 is showcasing a lower level of discounts as opposed to 2020. Not only are discounts lower in number but are also decreasing throughout the entire first part of the month. The shrinking number of discounts is also shown in two of the leading mass market brands, Zara, and H&M.

Retviews Data Analysis Discount Timeline 2020 vs. 2021 Leading Mass Market Brands H&M and Zara

Taking a closer look at the two mass market giants, both are in line with the mass market trend of decreasing discounts in early November 2021. Where Zara’s early November discounts were at an increase in 2020, they are stagnating and slowly decreasing this year. Within H&M, there is a clear decline in discounts, this early November. The supply chain disruption could be a contributing factor in the lower levels of discounts before the Black Friday shopping event, with early holiday shoppers paying higher prices.


The state of black friday in 2021

Black Friday is here to stay, and despite numerous brands being against the shopping event, consumers are intending to take advantage of the discount event and are doing a lot more holiday shopping this year, and are planning on shopping earlier. With low markdowns throughout the year, brands are expected to offer a large number of discounts throughout the “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” events. However, supply chain disruptions and price increases could be a major struggle for fashion retailers this season. How will leading retailers take on the discount event this week?

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