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Make zero-buffer multi-ply cutting a reality

Maximize automotive upholstery savings with Lectra’s VectorAutomotive iP series

VectorAutomotive iP background

VectorAutomotive iP6 and iP9

The industry standard for multi-ply cutting

Lectra’s VectorAutomotive iP series is specially designed to achieve zero- and near-zero-buffer cutting at the highest productivity level on the market. Thanks to major advances in hardware, software and consumables, VectorAutomotive iP6 and iP9 set the industry standard in terms of cutting accuracy, reliability, machine availability and material efficiency for a wide range of automotive materials and cut parts.

Three major advances

Maximize multi-ply cutting productivity and cut part quality

VectorAutomotive iP background

Vector iP series

Designed to meet today’s cost challenges

For every 1mm reduction in cutting buffer, automotive suppliers can achieve a 1% gain in material and the equivalent in roll goods, resulting in savings that amount to several hundred thousand dollars annually compared to other fabric cutting solutions available on the market.

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