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Vector: meet rising demand for innovation and make zero-buffer multi-ply cutting a reality.


What is Vector and why is it the best cutting in high-ply cutting for the automotive industry?

Lectra’s Vector for automotive has become the market’s best-selling digital fabric cutter. To meet the requirements of automotive manufacturers in the Industry 4.0 era, Lectra’s fabric-cutting solution is endowed with predictive maintenance drawing on the intelligence of hundreds of embedded sensors. Lectra is the only company on its market to combine leading-edge technology, cutting room expertise and global support services in a single offering to transform even large-scale, multi-site fabric cutting operations.

Learn how Vector, Lectra's best automotive fabric cutter, brings increased efficiency and agility to the cutting room

Vector enables auto automotive fabric cutters to create a lean cutting room by streamlining fabric loading, cutting, offloading and maintenance. With Vector, manufacturers are able to cut multiple layers of fabric faster and ensure the highest quality cut parts with best-in-class hardware, software and consumables. Auto manufacturers can easily produce small batches and high volumes to meet fluctuating demand while minimizing waste to reach the lowest price per cut part with limited or no buffer between cut parts.

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