Kaledo Style
Design solution for fashion illustration and technical drawing

Kaledo Style, Lectra's design software to create products, storyboards, technical sketches

From stylized drawings to technical sketches, Kaledo Style supports designers during key steps of the fashion design process. Kaledo Style enables design teams to develop boardsline drawings and mini-bodies and improve efficiency at all stages of concept definition and development. With a streamlined toolset created specifically for fashion and textiles, designers can work quickly and communicate effectively with other teams to avoid errors due to misinterpretation.

The solution

A solution for fashion design experts

Increasingly more fashion brands and retailers want control over the design and technical specifications of their products, while outsourcing product development activities to full package suppliers or business partners. The communication of precise product specifications assures that the process goes smoothly and that the end products respect the design intent. Design teams have an edge on the competition with Kaledo Style.

With Kaledo Style, create products, storyboards and accurate technical sketches to create precise product specifications quickly and easily.


Benefits of Kaledo Style


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