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How to achieve high uptime in the current climate of uncertainty

Today’s business environment is unpredictable and fast-moving. To remain competitive, manufacturers must navigate multiple unknowns, like economic uncertainty, inflation and supply chain instability. Even in the face of these challenges, you need to satisfy customer requirements and dependably fulfill orders no matter what the volume. To do so, you need a reliable manufacturing base and optimized production environment.

Unplanned downtime costs more than ever

Production slowdowns and stoppages add up quickly in this challenging context.

Unplanned downtime and lost productivity can run up significant costs until the problem is resolved. In fact, according to a study, unplanned downtime costs manufacturers 50% more today than it did in the period 2019–20, due to skyrocketing inflation and higher-capacity production.
The same study estimates that for an average manufacturing facility in the industries surveyed, in two years’ time the cost of total losses to downtime has increased 65% to $129 million a year.

Lectra Services

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The role of predictive and proactive maintenance​

Over time, machinery becomes prone to wear and tear that can cause machine breakdowns, unplanned downtime and lost productivity. These consequences can result in costly setbacks and delayed delivery. A growing number of companies are turning to a strategy of predictive maintenance to minimize downtime without the drawbacks of excess maintenance. Predictive and proactive maintenance services minimize the risk of unplanned downtime, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your business priorities.​


Achieve your production targets with Lectra services​

With a Lectra service contract, you can reduce unplanned downtime and mean time between failures using sophisticated predictive maintenance services. Lectra’s complete service coverage plan maximizes uptime by preventing machinery malfunction and remotely conducting 80% of maintenance operations. Remote assistance from Lectra solutions experts allows you to spend less time waiting for field visits and more time in production. ​


Ready to connect​

Since 2007, the full range of Lectra cutting room equipment comes ready to connect to our Customer Care experts. Online equipment connection enables rapid remote resolution of the majority of subscriber queries. Embedded sensors and counters allow Lectra technicians to monitor proper equipment functioning on a continual basis, minimizing the risk of production downtime.

Benefits of a Lectra service contract in the cutting room​


Lectra assists customers with a range of services that can be combined to suit individual needs. From Lectra’s worldwide locations all the way to customer production sites, Lectra delivers five keys to customer success:

  • On-site & digital support​
  • Preventive & predictive maintenance​
  • Software upgrades​
  • Knowledge center​
  • Production monitoring

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