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2019 personalization survey report

The Lectra 2019 Personalization Survey report, written in partnership with Sourcing Journal, a leader in B2B trade media, highlights how the industry perceives what shoppers want; the challenges apparel faces in determining how to adopt this new business model; and the opportunities that exist for the companies that are able to evolve.  

2019 personalization survey report

Key insights to help the apparel industry capitalize on personalization

In general, respondents agreed their companies are advancing from supply chains to demand chains, though rates and degrees vary. The move is spurred, at least in part, by the belief that mass customization is either necessary for certain product categories or essential to remain competitive. 

Decision makers, in particular, were more likely to say it is necessary, and to indicate that it would be mainstream in the next two to five years. 

Will made-to-measure or customization be the prevailing consumer trend?

Find out what it will take to achieve widespread implementation and discover the opportunities and obstacles faced by the apparel industry as it works to deliver personalized and customized products and services. 

Read this guide and discover: 

  • The pace of progress from supply chains to demand chains 
  • What’s motivating companies to invest in personalization 
  • How a personalization model could augment traditional workflows 
  • Where the biggest investments will need to be made 

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