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Automating small batch production with Fashion On Demand by Lectra

Produce on demand with this groundbreaking technology to reduce fabric waste and inventory, and give your consumers exactly what they want.


How the on-demand model allows sustainability to co-exist with profitability

The on-demand production model matches supply with demand and solves a host of problems that regular business models usually face. By simply knowing ahead of time what and how much their consumers want, companies can produce in precise quantities and avoid overstock and markdowns, and become more environmentally sustainable as a result. Many fashion companies would like to adopt this model, but end up shying away from it as they lack the savoir-faire and technology to do so.

Thriving in small-batch production with Fashion On Demand by Lectra

To help its fashion customers embrace on-demand production without causing much disruption to their existing workflows, Lectra developed Fashion On Demand by Lectra.  It is a turnkey solution that automates on-demand production right from order reception to cut piece. This disruptive offer gives fashion companies a 360°-view of the entire on-demand process from small series to one-off production runs. Read our two-page summary to learn how this solution works and what our customers are saying about it.



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With Fashion On Demand by Lectra, we can cut up to 500 garments a week. This cutting technology ensures a level of consistency throughout the entire day while maintaining the same artisanal, bespoke quality we had. It allows us to scan, treat and cut fabrics individually while taking into account its complexities and unique characteristics.

Mirco Osellame

Chief Executive Officer – International Promo Studio

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