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The better way to make a shirt

Discover how implementation of Fashion On Demand by Lectra change the garment cutting process - Before and After Infographic

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Agile on-demand garment production

To produce on-trend clothing faster, your business requires greater flexibility. Imagine the possibilities if you could carry out small-batch production with shorter turnaround cycles and reduced demand uncertainty.

On-demand manufacturing is redefining and reshaping the fashion industry. By capitalizing on data analytics and automation, it’s possible to build agile production cycles that can expedite processes to help you satisfy consumer demand faster and more efficiently.

Automation to reduce manufacturing cycle time

Catalog definition, cutting preparation and fabric cutting represent an end-to-end production process that is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Game-changing solution Fashion On Demand by Lectra makes it possible to carry out these long, sequential processes in a fraction of the time usually required.

Fashion On Demand by Lectra combines the Virga connected single-ply cutting line with a powerful cloud-based digital cutting platform featuring production-process management applications.

Powerful automatons process tasks from cutting preparation to execution. This is made possible by seamless automatic synchronization between cutting line, digital platform, ERP and Lectra’s CAD applications.

The solution’s fully digitalized process drawing on the unlimited processing power of the cloud can streamline production processes with a collaborative workflow that substantially reduces:

  • Cycle time
  • Labor
  • Material consumption

Download the infographic

View our infographic to compare identical garment-cutting processes before and after implementation of Fashion On Demand by Lectra to see the difference.

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