Fashion’s Need for Speed

Focusing on the Right Factors to Reduce Lead Times.

need for speed

Speed to market has become the key profit driver in today’s ‘see now, buy now’ fashion business context.  Waiting for one more week can lead to missed trend opportunities. In short, speed is value. Speed is profitability.  Many fashion companies have responded to this challenge by shortening their design-to-production process, but this has killed creativity and product quality as a result.

How can fashion companies improve their speed to market without experiencing trade-offs? The trick is to focus on production agility and get closer to the consumer by adopting a non-traditional approach.  

Read this e-guide to find out more about:

  • The new definition of speed to market. Speed=Agility=Profitability
  • The different kinds of business models that exist in today’s business context
  • What we can learn from the most successful/fastest players
  • The right factors to focus on to improve time to market

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