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The Modaris upgrade: working at the speed of Fashion

Our Modaris V8 launch is much more than a standard software upgrade. 

A screenshot from a Modaris prototype.


For brands creating their own patterns and prototypes, the speed of creation is jump-started with the addition of one-click features and an all-new 2D/3D logo positioning and grading process.

Sampling is also highly accelerated with improved assembly positioning methods and the availability of Alvanon standard mannequins inside Modaris 3D.


Sharing data seamlessly

Retailers specifying products, and suppliers with whom they co-develop, benefit from a new framework for digital data exchange, which enables partners to communicate more easily with each other.

The framework provides the visual control necessary to verify the quality of data, in native or neutral formats, exchanged in either direction. Manufacturers receiving patterns can also go to production faster than ever before thanks to an improved process for the standardization of industrial knowledge.


More about the new Modaris upgrade

Lectra launches powerful Modaris® V8 solution to boost product development in the fashion industry.