How digital platform Valia powers the intelligence of all-new Furniture On Demand

Adoption of industry 4.0 technologies and data flow in the cutting room can help furniture companies overcome increasing manufacturing complexity and improve operational efficiency.

Lectra’s digital platform: Valia powers the intelligence of all-new Furniture On Demand

Find out more about how growing consumer demand for furniture customization has made pull-mode production the most widespread production model in the industry.

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The complete Furniture On Demand connected cutting room

To help furniture makers simplify cutting preparation and reduce key-person dependency, Lectra has launched an all-new version of cutting room solution Furniture On Demand. At the heart of the solution lies digital platform Valia, which powers Furniture On Demand’s Industry 4.0 connectivity and data-driven workflow.

Cloud industrie 4.0

Valia, at the heart of all-new Furniture On Demand

The Valia digital platform connects cutting room components and orchestrates the secure, resilient data exchange between machines to drive automated workflow. Valia’s automated control and decision support enable efficient planning, cutting and optimization processes to face an unpredictable business environment with agility.