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We pioneer. You lead.

Pushing boundaries together to unlock your potential

Let’s get ready to change the game together

We pioneer. You lead.

How we help you fast-track to industry 4.0

Who is Lectra?

Founded in 1973, Lectra is a listed company (Euronext: LSS) that employs over 2,500 people all over the world. ​

We have established an unmatched geographical presence over the years and operate in more than 100 countries.

As a major player in the fashion, automotive and furniture markets, we offer industrial intelligence solutions--software, equipment, data and services--that facilitate your digital transformation.


Our purpose

Contribute to the Industry 4.0 revolution with boldness and passion by providing best-in-class technologies.


Our vision

Tomorrow’s world will be an economy of platforms, where value will be derived from connections between people, ideas, data and solutions. Our vision for the future of our markets is that big things will happen when we connect – from simplifying complex processes to making smarter, more efficient, and more progressive decisions.

Customer Voice

Pushing boundaries together to unlock your potential

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Our promise

We can state loud and clear​ that we push the boundaries of Industry 4.0 and innovation together to unlock your potential because we are:


We offer solutions, modes of organization and processes that respond specifically to the challenges of our three markets, and we adapt to the profile and demands of each of our customers.


Our background in software has given us solid technological leadership. We have fifteen years’ experience in the IoT and we invest 11% to 12% a year in R&D, even when the economy is weak.


Self integration of Industry 4.0 principles (recognized and certified by the French government’s Industry of the Future label), sustained acquisition strategy, proactive open innovation approach, internationalization: our continuous transformation and expansion dynamic feeds our ability to initiate and lead our customers through their own transformation.


The loyalty of our customers and our service contract renewal rate testify to our track record by the biggest brands and manufacturers and therefore our ability to provide effective, ongoing support.


We have turned openness, towards others and towards the world, into a permanent source of inspiration: we co-construct and optimize our solutions with our customers and we cultivate open innovation.


Let’s get ready to change the game together: We pioneer. You lead.

Our values 

At Lectra, our 2,500 employees are driven by three core values: being open-minded thinkers, trusted partners and passionate innovators.

Our journey

More than 40 years of innovation and challenges, Lectra has consistently demonstrated its resilience

Lectra 1.0

1973 Company founded

1976 First computer-aided design (CAD) systems sold. André Harari becomes a shareholder and helps Lectra’s two founders to develop their business plan

1985 Lectra becomes world leader in CAD solutions for the fashion and apparel industry and expands into computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)

1987 Initial public offering


Lectra 2.0

1991 After the company’s serious financial crisis of 1990, André Harari and Daniel Harari recapitalize Lectra and take over its management

1991-1996 Strategic redeployment plan: extensive R&D program, overhaul of the company’s entire product range, new market sectors, new business model

2000 Lectra becomes number one worldwide

2004 Lectra acquires Investronica, Lacent and Humantec

2008-2009 Lectra is severely affected by the consequences of the worldwide crisis on its markets. Reduction of overhead costs, safeguarding the company’s core assets. Steadfast investments in R&D

Lectra 3.0

2010-2011 Lectra proves its resilience after the global economic crisis. Very strong rebound in sales activity. Record income and free cash flow. Lectra increases its leadership in automotive

2012 Renewal of the entire technology offer for fabric and leather cutting. New versions of Lectra’s main software Far-reaching 4-year company transformation plan and €50 million investments for the future

2013-2016 The strategic roadmap and transformation plan reach their objectives. Commercial success for Lectra’s new generation of laser-cutting solutions for airbags


Lectra 4.0

2017 The launch of Lectra’s Industry 4.0 vision and strategy

2018 Lectra acquires Kubix Lab. Launch of new Industry 4.0 compliant offers

2019 Lectra acquires Retviews. Global roll out of the offers for the Industry 4.0. Record levels of recurring revenues and free cash flow

2021 Lectra acquires Gerber Technology to create a world-class leader within Industry 4.0 for the fashion, automotive and furniture markets. Lectra acquires Neteven and Gemini CAD Systems (Gemini)

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Our awards

From technological breakthroughs to financial milestones, Lectra’s unwavering dedication to customer success has garnered recognition.


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