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June 1st, 2021

Lectra and Gerber Technology: Stronger together, united in vision

The two companies now form the premier partner for digital transformation of their customers’ business models.

The “new normal” continues to change how consumers work, communicate, travel and shop, accelerating companies’ digital transformation and shifts in supply chain strategy. Current disruptive forces are also pushing the bounds of innovation, and Lectra remains committed as ever to leading the drive toward Industry 4.0.

To help its customers rise to future challenges, Lectra has joined forces with recognized industry player Gerber Technology to create a world-leading advanced technology partner with unprecedented global reach and operating presence.

The two companies share a common culture of technological innovation, excellence and commitment to customer success. They also share a vision of delivering efficiencies and driving growth through Industry 4.0 services and digitalization. By joining forces, Lectra and Gerber Technology will consolidate their respective resources to accelerate development of new technological applications for the benefit of their joint worldwide customer base.


Consolidation of Lectra and Gerber Technology’s extensive research and development capabilities and an unmatched investment in innovation will propel the product portfolio beyond the state of the art. The new entity will meet emerging customer needs faster, through seamlessly integrated solutions with significantly greater added value.

Combining the individual strengths of two noted authorities on Industry 4.0 technologies under a single banner, the new Lectra will enable customers across the globe to successfully reimagine and reinvent their business through:

  • accelerated development of Industry 4.0 solutions to satisfy new industry requirements;
  • combined R&D resources and interoperability between the two companies' solutions;
  • global reach and expansive resources to meet rapidly evolving needs and market demand.

Operational integration of the two companies is set to begin immediately, marking a new chapter in Lectra’s rich history and new opportunities for both its talented teams and diverse customer base.