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The Fashion. Art Design Institute, Donghua University and Lectra have been partners since 1997. The school chose Lectra solutions to ensure that students receive training to prepare them for life in the fashion industry. After several years teaching Lectra’s design, pattern-making and marker-making solutions - Kaledo, Modaris, and Diamino - the Institute has just taken one step further with the launch of a new Lectra 3D course for pattern-making students.

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The Fashion. Art Design Institute, Donghua University was founded in 1984 in Shanghai’s business center.

Renowned as China’s top university in fashion design and technology, it offers 9 programs including:

  • apparel design and engineering,
  • apparel art design,
  • environmental art design,
  • product design,
  • art and technology,
  • visual communication art design,
  • digital media art,
  • performance and animation.

Offering a combination of industrial, academic and research courses, the Institute prides itself on having close ties with well-known companies all around the world.

“We first chose Lectra because they are the leader in innovative solutions for fashion and apparel.

We want the best training for our students who will be entering the Chinese apparel industry. Lectra is a good choice. It opens our students’ minds and encourages them to imagine the future."


Deputy Professor, Department of Apparel Engineering, Fashion Art Design Institute

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