Porsche Smart Factory Best Practices

1 Hour

A conversation with Porsche Consulting on smart factory manufacturing transformation best practices.

Aligned with Lectra's Industry 4.0 digital cutting room approach, Porsche Consulting has helped enterprises across industries transform different parts of their manufacturing to accelerate how they perform. This webinar is meant to be an interactive discussion with participants. 

Starting, sustaining, and realizing results from a Smart Factory journey are all enabled by one key thing: a clear vision of the future. Porsche Consulting will be discussing key success factors and design guidelines for a Smart Factory journey.

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Porsche Consulting Smart Factory Best Practices

Join us for a discussion with Porsche Consulting on:

  • Best practices for Industry 4.0 and digital transformation
  • Application to the Furniture Industry  
  • How Industry 4.0 can improve manufacturing
  • Ways Lectra is supporting manufacturers in their transformation

 Because this is an interactive discussion, we would love to have you pre-submit any questions for the webinar to Heather Corrigan at  Let us help drive your transformation.


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