Fashion Design to Pre-Production

Design to Pre-Production
Transform your designs into reality while maintaining product quality and fit throughout the entire product development process.

Your challenges

Keeping your creative DNA alive in today’s fashion context

With trends changing at lightning speed, you need to create a wider variety of styles at a faster rate, without sacrificing quality and profitability. This calls for efficient patternmaking, marker-making and prototyping processes in which designers and patternmakers are sharing the same vision for product development.

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Fashion Design to Pre-Production

The Lectra advantage

With years of experience working with fashion companies worldwide, Lectra fully understands the specific design and product development challenges of different fashion market segments ranging from luxury to footwear. Lectra facilitates these processes by providing state of the art software for fashion companies including pattern-making, marker-making and nesting software, 3D design and prototyping technology and leading-edge cloud applications.



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