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BELLA+CANVAS: Taking advantage of technology to speed up growth and sustainability

BELLA+CANVAS’s cutting facility has been based in LA for more than 30-years, and has become a hot-spot for entrepreneurs building their own brands. 

No more overproduction, water and material waste

BELLA+CANVAS saw how the majority of business impacts in the fashion Industry seemed to stem from industry-wide problems such as the overproduction of products, waste of water and materials, as well as timely shipping, production flow, and receipt of materials. Knowing the fashion industry was ripe with wasteful practices and large carbon footprints, they decided that they wanted to do things differently, yet still have a quality product for entrepreneurs.  

Precision cutting technology facilitates a better use of materials, less waste and a higher-quality product

Finding a partner like Lectra with advanced technical solutions spanning the whole range of their operations process was critical for BELLA+CANVAS’s transformation into an efficient, sustainable and USA Strong company. They have worked with Gerber for more than seven years, and have continued to grow a Lectra’s technology advances.  

This technology facilitates a seamless production flow for BELLA+CANVAS, and a competitive advantage by automating their cutting process. Precision cutting technology facilitates a better use of materials, less waste and a higher-quality product for the customer or entrepreneur.  

There is little mercy for downtime in the fast-moving fashion industry, so the support system Lectra provides is also critical. When there are problems, techs can dial-in remotely and immediately remediate the problem and get production back on track quickly.  

The ability to keep operations and material acquisition local, also helped decrease their carbon footprint and minimize logistical challenges. Producing more than 1,200 USA jobs and not being reliant on overseas shipping processes greatly helps the company keep up with ever-evolving fashion trends and meet the small batch needs of entrepreneurs.

BELLA+CANVAS build the Western Hemisphere’s largest and most technologically advanced cutting facility.

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Minimize waste

With 80 total cutting tables, materials can be cut with a higher level of precision that is superior to hand-cutting, and gives them an advantage in quality over many competitors. Use of the Gerber spreaders allows for up to 150 layers to be cut simultaneously and improve production speed. Between the Gerber Paragon cutters and Gerber Accumark, BELLA+CANVAS can lay out patterns in a manner that maximizes the use of fabric, and minimizes waste.

Lectra technology helped them be able to pivot overnight from apparel production to mask manufacturing; essentially becoming the largest mask manufacturer in the world with more than $20 million masks shipped out per day 


Design to cost

Design processes can be separate from the cutting facility since CAD’s can be sent digitally from the Beverly Hills office to the cutting floor in LA. A USA Strong brand minimizes the need to rely on overseas shipping, and allows them to quickly pivot to meet the needs of the fast-paced fashion industry; while creating over 1,200 American jobs. Fully automating their operations allows for better forecasting of materials, and the ability to meet higher volume demands quickly