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Choosing the fashion PLM that is right for you

What are the benefits you should expect from a best-in-class fashion PLM solution?


A 2017 survey of fashion professionals show that PLM solutions, while essential in the modern fashion industry, do not always live up to their promise

That can make fashion companies hesitate when it comes to investing in a new one. However, improved automation and integration technologies have produced a new generation of proven fashion PLM technology that makes it possible to truly streamline processes, embrace collaboration and harness the power of data.

Investing in a new generation of fashion PLM will enable your company to better address the complexity and speed requirements of the fashion market with unique visibility, endless adaptability and granular control over every step of product development.

But what should you look for when selecting a fashion PLM solution?

What are the must-have criteria for a best-in-class PLM solution?

We have created this guide to answer these questions for you and help you find the solution that will help your company elevate visibility, democratize data and increase operational efficiency. You will also hear from three companies about how they decided to invest in a new PLM solution and the benefits they have gained.

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