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Effortless integration with Gerber AccuMark® and Gerber YuniquePLM®

With seamlessly connected, always up-to-date data, you can ensure faster time to market while reducing the risk of human error.

The connectivity you need

As the industry continues to move at lightning speed and consumers become more exacting, the need for accuracy along the entire supply chain has become critical. Difficulty finding workers as well as rising labor costs are also making it harder for fashion companies to ensure optimum production. With seamlessly connected, always up-to-date data, you can ensure faster time to market while reducing the risk of human error.

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Gerber YuniquePLM® and Gerber AccuMark® provide you with the connectivity you need for a streamlined workflow and well-organized data. Together, these solutions enable fashion companies to collaborate better throughout the product development process.

From managing color and print options, image assets, and material management, through to style options and product specifications, and on to tech pack generation, product sampling and quality verifications, processes are fast and data integrity is maintained throughout.


Maintain data integrity, easily share assets and deliver products to market faster than ever with the seamless integration of Gerber AccuMark® and Gerber YuniquePLM®.

  • Avoid errors caused by jumping between applications by adding Gerber AccuMark® model and markers to Gerber YuniquePLM® 
  • Reduce the risk of error thanks to automatic updates in Gerber YuniquePLM® with changes made in Gerber Accumark® 
  • Import finished pattern measurements from Gerber AccuMark® into Gerber YuniquePLM® 
  • Build an accurate Bill of Materials using Gerber YuniquePLM’s extensive material library within Gerber AccuMark®
  • Get accurate estimations of fabric use and roll up costs by incorporating fabric width and fabric usage from the marker into Gerber YuniquePLM®
  • Quickly generate tech packs using all the information linked during integration and Gerber YuniquePLM’s production data packaging function
  • Provide operators with detailed style information required for sewing, assembly and construction via Gerber YuniquePLM’s construction details workflow
  • Speed up the style review process and save money spent on physical samples by sending 3D samples from Gerber AccuMark® to Gerber YuniquePLM® for digital style/fit reviews
  • Make evaluating samples easy using the YuSnap app to capture images of fit sessions
  • Enhance communication and collaboration with real-time notifications and comments on project status, revisions and fit notes
  • Use Gerber YuniquePLM’s BI tools to see real time workflow information to prevent bottlenecks before they happen. Roll up data on dashboards for complete visibility, tracking and traceability

Gerber YuniquePLM®

Gerber YuniquePLM® delivers real-time access to the most accurate data during every part of the production process. This cloud-based PLM solution provides a single, reliable source for all production information, which can then be integrated into multiple design programs.

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Gerber AccuMark® platform

The Gerber AccuMark® platform features the latest in 2D and 3D CAD, nesting and cut planning software. With Gerber AccuMark®, users can visualize designs, create accurate patterns and optimize their markers while seamlessly sharing data throughovut the supply chain. The software suite is equipped with several integrations and automated processes that accelerate time to market, improve efficiency and reduce waste.

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