Evaluating Efficiency: 3 Areas to Assess for Merchandising Team Effectiveness.

Are you able to access inspiration from other departments and collaborators? Are workflows clearly defined and intuitive for team members? On a scale one to ten, how skillful is your team in using data analytics for collection planning?

Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself and your merchandising team members in order to evaluate your performance.

As a merchandiser, your core responsibility ties back to efficiency and insights – how quickly you are able to deliver a relevant, appealing collection within short time frames. 
But as a leader, you’re responsible for ensuring your team’s success through continuous improvement. 

The trick is to constantly re-evaluate how effective you and your team members are in the collection planning and development process. Step out a little and look at the big picture. 

We’ve highlighted three critical areas to explore in assessing your team’s ability to leverage data insights, make informed decisions and collaborate for ultimate efficiency.

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Merchandising Team Effectiveness

As a merchandising leader, you’re responsible for collection strategies, getting to market fast, and the effectiveness of team workflows and collaboration. You’re accountable for knowing these aspects of the business to improve, learn and pivot season after season. As a leader in the fashion industry, you’re constantly learning, growing and gathering insights to ace each collection you create. As a constant learner, you need to assess consumer expectations and leverage them to reach business objectives. You study past performance and forecast trends to inform your strategy as each collection rolls from the runway to the store. You’re responsible for a team who counts on you to instruct them on best practices, but they’re looking to you, as their leader, to provide effective ways to make this all happen.