New PLM for a New Generation: An eGuide for Fashion Merchandisers

The next generation of PLMs is helping merchandisers harness data across the supply chain to create collections that speak to the digital marketplace.
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Un nouveau PLM pour une nouvelle génération de consommateurs: Un dossier dédié aux directeurs de collection

Our latest eBook PLM for Merchandisers: Create Better Collections. Get Them to Market Faster demonstrates how today’s PLM has evolved beyond yesterday’s design, mobilizing new technologies to help fashion merchandisers produce styles that hit home with digital consumers.

Download our eBook now for insight into how this generation’s exciting new features can help you improve collection planning and development, including:

  • Why new tools that consolidate all your data in one place are great for your collection plan.
  • Why this generation’s more inclusive PLMs help your suppliers serve you better.
  • Why added features inspired by social media boost intra-team communication.
  • How next-gen PLMs make it easier to meet deadlines along your development timeline.

Download our eBook and start putting the next generation of PLM technology to work for you.